Save Rural Ontario Schools

Rural Ontario schools are being closed and amalgamated into superschools at an alarming rate, resulting in increased bus times, increased class sizes, fractured communities, and an overall lowering of education standards for elementary school children.

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What you need to know

Repairs to Ontario schools must come from their respective boards, however funding to build new schools is provided by the Ontario Government. Funding is tied to enrolment - the larger the enrolment numbers, the more funding a school receives. As a result, long term accommodation reviews are being conducted across the province, which inevitably result in recommendations to close schools and amalgamate the students into ‘super schools’. Many of these rural schools have adequate and growing enrolment and are well maintained, but closure is still recommended in order to maximize enrollment in new, paid for, super schools.

For example, in the Limestone District School Board, 16 schools are recommended to be closed. This will devastate these rural communities and clearly have detrimental effects on students, including: maximized class sizes, long bus rides, fracturing of communities as boarders are redrawn to maximize enrolment, and sending grade 7 and 8 students into the hallways of local high schools.

This is happening all over Ontario, despite universal disapproval by the communities. Join us in the fight to save our rural schools.

Saving our community!

Selby Public School Survey

If you are a parent with a child attending Selby Public School, please take a minute to fill out our survey. There is only one question about what your response would be in the event that Selby Public School is closed.

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What We Can Do!


On March 7th at 6:30 pm at Odessa Public School, the Limestone District School Board will be holding its second public meeting regarding the fate of Yarker Public School. Yarker PS is the first of the sixteen schools within the Limestone District to face the Pupil Accommodation Review process. We are urging all members of the public to attend this meeting to show support for Yarker Family School and community.

Spread the Word

We have created groups on social media and written articles in our local newspapers. We conduct our research and create pamphlets to spread the word to parents in our community

Contact Representatives

We let our elected officials know that we do not support these actions and request their help in fighting back. For example, the Ontario Alliance Against School Closure wrote this letter to Ontario Education Minister Mitzie Hunter

Let's fight back together

Contact us for more information on how you can take action in your community and how we can all come together to save all rural Ontario schools.